1. You receive 25% on all customer purchases on your website link
  2. When you sign a team member up you receive either $20 $40 $60 $100
  3. The first 3 people you help get to ruby you get $100, and from your fourth onwards you get $200 INFINITY levels across, plus when your downlines make rubies you also get $100 for their first 3 INFINITY levels down
  4. We get paid on 2 binary legs, so every time one side has 100bv and the other 200bv you receive $20 INFINITY levels down
  5. You get paid up to 20% matching check on your teams binary, down to 7 levels
  6. Every time you help 3 people get to ruby in one calendar month (sign up or upgrade) you get % of the company total sales profit!
  7. A car bonus of $400 to $3000 every month once you hit diamond